Top 5 Questions To Ask Your Fencing Contractor

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Fencing jobs are not cheap and they need to be up to code or you risk wasting money and time, not to mention putting the security of your property at risk with shoddy work. If you are planning to hire a fence contractor, here are the questions you should be asking before making a decision.

Do you have samples of previous work?

Professional and reliable contractors will not hesitate to show you samples of previous work or put you in touch with former clients so the latter can provide feedback. Start by looking at sample projects in the contractor’s website if they have any, and you can move on to visiting actual sites and talking to former clients if you are not satisfied.

Do you have insurance?

Most contractors are required to carry general liability and workman’s compensation insurance. The former protects client properties from any damage caused by the contractor and his employees. The latter protects the client from any incident that injures a worker in the client’s property. Professional contractors will readily give you the documentation for insurance coverage so you can check if policies are up to date and make the needed copies.

What is your SOP regarding utility lines?

Contractors are expected to contact your utility providers to locate and mark utility lines. They may also request a copy of survey records to get an accurate location of buried utility lines to avoid damaging them during the installation.

Are your licenses up to date?

Working with unlicensed contractors put you at a risk for shoddy workmanship and difficulty in settling disputes later on. Working with an unlicensed contractor may also expose you to liability when injuries or any accident occurs in your worksite.

How long will the project take?

Top-notch fence contractors can give you a reasonable estimate of the project duration. While it can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint when the project will be finished, the contractor’s ability to give a reasonable estimate can reflect his previous experiences in completing projects similar to yours.

Fence installations require time, money and impose temporary restrictions on how you can use your property as the installation is going on. Asking the questions above can help you choose the right fence contractor for the job and make sure that you get your money’s worth.